Event Production

You don’t need to be a tech savvy person to put together a top notch event.  Boston Eventworks can work with you to provide all of the audio and visual production services you envision. Lighting, sound systems, projectors, HD cameras…we have it all, as well as the experienced personnel to operate it. We can help you produce an event that will exceed both your expectations and your guests’.

Audio and Visual Event ProductionEvent Production Boston

Lighting is an integral aspect of event design. It can greatly affect the mood of the room so don’t let your event fall flat. BE has experience with numerous occasions that required large scale audio and visual event production services. Our staff has organized everything from weddings and conferences with simple sound and lights to live concerts with massive audio and visual needs.

One of our biggest event production projects is CollegeFest. A live performance for college students and a sort of expo for student-related vendors to make contact with their target clientele.

Watch the wrap up video from Collegefest 2011 HERE!

Included in event production is also necessary staging that isn’t provided at the venue and operating personnel for the equipment. Even if it’s just because the current venue staging is inadequate, we can set up a custom stage the fits the needs of your event.

Staffing in Boston

An important aspect of events that many people over look is staffing. Having professionals in this position is a must and is certainly something Boston Eventworks can provide. Visit the staffing page to find out more information about our professional staff and what they can do for you.

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