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based out of Pheonix, Arizona



The goal is to present the audience the complete experience of going back in time and witnessing the famous rock group "BOSTON" live in concert in all their glory back in the 70's!

Complete with authentic instruments, costumes, looks and sound. Rocksteady re-creates the famous 1976 line up that all the fans remember!

Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree

(U2 Tribute)

As The Nation’s premier tribute to U2, The Joshua Tree pride themselves with their ability to generate a unique musical experience that does not lend itself to impersonations. Playing each song with the same intensity and emotion, the band covers all phases of U2’s career from their first album Boy to the most recent, No Line on the Horizon.

Pretending: Pretenders Tribute


(Pretenders Tribute)


Beatle Juice

Beatle Juice

(Beatles Tribute)

Tramps Like Us

Tramps Like Us

(Bruce Springsteen Tribute)

Tramps Like Us brings more than 2 decades of road-tested musicianship that have won this band the hard-earned distinction of the planet’s most revered Bruce Springsteen Tribute band. Given high praise by dozens of publications, radio stations, music industry personal, and the ONLY tribute band to be endorsed by members of "The Springsteen Camp".



(Aerosmith Tribute)

The idea for Aerochix was born in April of 2009 when longtime friends and musical collaborators Joni Scimone and Lisa Addario decided they wanted to do something more than just play cover gigs. Being from Boston, musicians, and longtime fans of the band, it seemed a natural choice to set forth and form a kick @$$ all-female tribute to Aerosmith.



(KISS Tribute)

Alive! accurately reproduce the sites of the legendary Alive (1975) era and perform songs from all of the classic 70's kiss albums.  No guitar lick, drum pattern, bassline, or vocal harmony has been overlooked.  If you're a KISS fan and you never got to see KISS in their glory days, here is your chance ... The Next Best Thing....

Changes in Latitude

Changes in Latitude

(Jimmy Buffet Tribute)

In case you haven't seen them yet, Changes In Latitudes is one of America's premier tribute shows to singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffett, the master of the tropical lifestyle.  They are a nine-piece band with a singular plan, to take you to Margaritaville.  Each show is good clean fun, aiming to offend no one, and entertain everyone.  Every set is a party, with beach balls flying, dancing conga lines, and leis galore.  It's one exciting show.  Oh yes, and the music.  You know more Jimmy Buffett songs than you think you do, and they'll prove it.  Let "Changes In Latitudes" bring their rolling beach party to you.


Playing Dead

Playing Dead

(Grateful Dead Tribute)

Playin' Dead brings together amazing talent to pay tribute to Grateful Dead music. Rife with passion and spirit, the band brings the Dead's music to life with dedication and style. Playin' Dead band members have played with the Dark Star Orchestra, Uncles Johns Band (Florida), Laughing Water, and Colonel Mustard. They used to be called Electric Hummus. Dont miss the next show!!



(Led Zepplin Tribute)

Kashmir, The Led Zeppelin Show, is the most  authentic and accurate representation of Led Zeppelin out there today. All 4 members of the band
assume their individual roles with amazing accuracy. Kashmir brings the stage show, the sound, and likeness to bring your audience and patrons back to a day when the Mighty Led Zeppelin ruled the musical landscape.



(Allman Brothers Tribute)

In the tradition of the Allman Brothers Band we never do the same show twice. Our search for new songs never stops, and the best suggestions often come from you. So let us know what you'd like to hear.

Dave Roth

BE Touring:  a division of Boston Eventworks Inc.

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Medford, MA  02155

P:  781.395.1732*218

F:  781.395.1733

Danny Klien


      DANNY KLEIN, founding member and one-and-only Ace On Bass for the mighty J. GEILS BAND, rips through all the J. Geils songs you know and love with his own band of local heroes, DANNY KLEIN'S FULL HOUSE!!!  

tribute bands - V2

U2 Tribute Band


V2 is a U2 tribute band for the discerning U2 fan. Recreating the live U2 experience from their DVD concerts. Painstaking time has been spent in recreating the sound as well as the look of U2. Various effects and props bring the show to life.